In 1997 to mark the 50th Anniversary of the country, and 46 Years of its Dynamic Operation in Pakistan, Pakistan Paper Products Ltd brought out yet another innovation in the market; Pro Labels- Self Adhesive Labels In Roll Form......View Details
Pakistan Paper Products Ltd. Started its Operation With The production of Execise books, And had the distinction....View Details
Pakistan Paper Products Ltd started its operations with the productions of exercise books, and had the distinction of being the first company in Pakistan to produce exercise books on automatic machinery and after more than 6 decades of its existence, it still remains the only such company in the industry.View Details
Pakistan Paper Products Ltd.Pakistan Paper Products Ltd came into existence in 1951. At that time our newly founded country had to import all its paper products which was resulting in the drain of valuable foreign Exchange. Realizing the need of times, Mr. Hashim B. Sayeed armed with machinery and technical know how from Germany decided to set up a paper converting unit in Pakistan. In 1962 Pakistan Paper Products became a Private Limited company and then in 1964 it became a Public limited company and was quoted on the Karachi Stock Exchange and till today it is one of the oldest listed companies at the KSE. From the very start the company has strived to modernize, expand, and diversify to meet the challenges of the changing times and is today one of the largest and most modern paper converting company in the country.

"Highlights of Financial Results for Year Ended June. 30, 2013."

- Turnover : Rs 543.3 million
- Profit before Tax: Rs 60.0 million
- Profit after Tax: Rs 38.7 million
- Earnings per share: Rs 6.47

Pakistan Paper Product Ltd.
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Ph: (0092) 021 -32579302, (0092) 021 -32579698.
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incorporate #. 1195/19620707, sales tax reg. #.02-06-4816-005-73, NTN.#. 0999468-8